The main service of our Undertaker´s is the help to survivors when overcoming he loss of their closest. The Employee Codex ensures a sensitive and dignified attitude towards the clients and meeting all wishes and ideas concerning the farwell with the deceased person.


Each of us has the right to a dignified leaving, however, not everybody has the means to cover the costs connected with the funeral that would meet their ideas.




Questionnarie for speaker of Undertaker's EXCELENT Ltd.
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Information for the survivors


If the deceased took other than Undertaker's you select, you are not in any case obliged to arrange funeral with them.

Where forward clothing for the deceased?

The dress you chose for the funeral of the deceased, pass please in the office of our Undertaker's. In any case, it is no longer necessary to visit a hospital or pathology. If you do not have clothes available to dress the deceased in a funeral garment, called a shroud, which is offered in several versions in black and white.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us on +420 606 020 291.

Arranging a funeral at home

It is obvious to us that the most difficult moments of life, which is experiencing a family of the deceased, this is your situation, try to relieve as much as possible. That's why our funeral service offers assistance in the form of arranging a funeral in the family of the deceased directly.

This is a free service that can be agreed at our offices by telephone, without ordering anything having to arrange a funeral outside the home. Our providors have everything needed, including proposals death notice. Call us 24 hours daily on (+420) 731 006 190.

Payments by credit cards

In our offices

  • in Sokolov, K. H. Borovského 1020,
  • in Sokolov, Staré Náměstí 32
You can make payment by credit cards:
  • Eurocard Mastercard
  • Mastercard Electronic
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • American Express

Planning your retirement during his life can also say "The last things of man."

Even during your lifetime, you can plan how to proceed with your dead body, in its sole discretion to decide how the funeral, prepare clothes on the last visit, whom to inform, whom to invite to the funeral you arrange for the person put a dog or cat, to prepare a will, which scatter ashes from the urn, or save it to your friends and so on will help you board, your last will of the parties to prepare and file a funeral when the time comes, also implemented according to your wishes. Copies can be saved in our funeral home and when the time comes, we will arrange everything.

If you are interested, call (+420) 731 006 190.

We are your confidants discreet and we will help you if you are interested in it.

What to do when a person passes by at home?

When there are surgery hours you shall call the physician of the deceased person, otherwise call 155. When the doctor leaves, call the Undertaker´s and tell them, when you would like to transport the deceased person. Attend the very next day the Undertaker´s.

What to do when a person dies in a hospital or other facilities?

The very next day you should attend the Undertaker´s. You can order the sevice by phone also at your home.

Which documents do you need?
The ID card of the deceased person, insurace card, Birth and Marriage Certificate of the deceased. ID card of the orderer.

How to arrange for insurance?

All insurances must be arranged for by the orderer himself with the Insurance Company. In case of insurance with Spolek přátel žehu you may contact :

Spolek přátel žehu
Revoluční 1546/24
Praha Nové Město
Tel: +420 222 315 868

The insurance company arranges for the insurance straight with the orderer.

The right to the day off:
    When a person dies, the employer offers a day off with reimbursement this way :
  • two days when a husband/ wife, partner, a child dies and another day for the funeral itself
  • one day for the funeral of a parent, a sibling or a parent or sibling of his partner and also for the partner of his/her sibling, and another day if the employee arranges for the funeral
  • - for a necessary time up to one day for the funeral of the grandparents or grandchild, grandparents and grandchild of the emploee´s partner, or a person who is not a member of the family but was living with the employee at the time of the person´s death, and another day if the person arranges for the funeral.(590/2006 Government Notice)

The right to death allowance

This concerns the person who arranged for a funeral for a minor, minor´s parent on condition the deceased person had his/her permanent address inthe Czech Republic. The family income shall not be determined.

International transport

The international transport is ensured by funeral cars( in Europe, including the Asian part of Turkey) or by planes ( all over the world). At the same time the firm arranges for all necessary documents and allowance for transport and also for the funeral itself. It can be arranged both for transports from the Czech Republic and into the Czech Republic. If there is a transport needed, the clients can turn to our firm.

Contact for the interpreter:

Petr Steinmüller
Tel.: (+420) 731 006 190
skype: lx_petr

Thanatopractice (conservation)

The aim of the thanatopractice on the deceased person is the piet arrangement for the funeral ceremony - for exibition, to prevent from decaying processes for a particular time and a profond protection of employees health in Undertaker´s, and also the family suvivors. Another - not less important task is the arrangement of esthetic and hygienic defects on bodies caused by accidents and so on.

The cars

The cars serve for the funeral ceremoies and parades, for national and international transport of the deceased person.

The collective of the Undertaker´s

Valérie Bíbová

Marie Himlová, Lenka Procházková, Romana Rajchrtová, Kateřina Scholzová

Drivers, Speakers
Stanislav Mikl, Jan Kovář, Petr Havel, Zdeněk Šimůnek, Miroslav Šoltész

Foreign department
Petr Steinmüller


The funerals take place in the funeral halls and cemeteries in the Czech Republic :

  • funeral into the grave or the thomb, funeral ceremony with following burial into the grave or a thomb or cremation. Cremation without a ceremony. Cremation.
  • Burying the urn with the ashes into the sea
  • Burying the urn with the ashes into the grave or thomb
  • Scattering the ashes over the mourning field
  • A wide selection of coffins and accessories, including a zinc inlay, and so on


Funeral halls

Sokolov (funeral hall)

Svatava (funeral hall)

Citice (chapel)

Bukovany (chapel)

Chlum Sv. Máří (funeral hall)

Habartov (chapel)

Kynšperk (chapel)

Oloví (funeral hall)

Jindřichovice (kostel)

Kraslice (funeral hall)

Chodov (funeral hall)

Chodov (chapel)

Krásno (chapel)

(funeral hall)

Funeral flowers

Bunch of flowers (artificial)

Bunch of flowers (vivid)



Palls, coffins, shrouds







Let your fingerprint to immortalize your beloved, father, mother or children and as a tag carry it with them forever.

You can make the tag of gold or silverwith a fingerprint of the deceased. Each fingerprint is uniquein its lines and forms that are different for everyone.These will be captured by us in a nice tag.

Deceased will be fingerprinted with a special wax. The stamp will be cast from precious metals and then forged into the tag.

On the back-side may possibly be with a second fingerprint or engraving. Tags are available in three sizes:small, medium and large
Ask us on the possibilities - call us on (+420) 731 006 190. Our employees can make tag with your fingerprint.

Memorial Tear

Teardrop glass memorial is created by combining high-quality crystal and a small amount of the ashes of the deceased. The combination of fine ash and decorating there is an unusually beautiful and unique phenomenon, which perpetuates the memory of your next life.

Diamond remembrance

If you are interested, call (+420) 731 006 190.

Claim rules

Claim rules - to copy (PDF)
Claim sheet - to copy (XLS)